Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Today I turn 31.5 and realize that I don't own a can opener

That pretty much sums up my day.

I went to open my jumbo-sized can of garbanzo beans to accompany my heavily pestoed pasta. Ok, here's the deal with the pasta. A couple weeks ago my uncle suggested a gazpacho recipe since I had a lot of tomatoes. The recipe called for a couple basil leaves. So, of course instead I bought a whole bunch of basil at the farmers market. Here's a fact about the Easton Farmers' Market: it recently celebrated its 265th birthday. There was a cake. Also, an international town crier competition.

Anyway, I had all this basil left over so, of course, I made some pesto. And the only protein I have in my apartment is in an un-openable can. Great story, I know.

What is cool is that on my walk last night, I found two bluejay feathers. Oh, and I adopted a cat. She likes to play with her wire toy, look out the window, chew plants, and wake up early.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


So, I just spent the last two days in Pittsburgh and several hours on either end in a train that smelled like pee. I had never been to Pittsburgh and I liked it! I mean, with these work trips, I usually just spend all my time in one small geography, but I did get out to Church Brew Works one night. I walked in and said, "wow!" Here it is:

I sat at the bar, reading the Sunday NYTimes that takes me the whole week to get through. Then this guy sat a couple of chairs away and I noticed he was talking pictures, too. So, we started chatting. His name is Matt and, it turns out, he lives in Jersey and has been to Easton! We talked about gross alcoholic drinks from our college days, tales of when he was a DJ, the beer he brews with his buddies, and his job doing something with computer security. I think he did most of the talking.

Anyway, he was in Pittsburgh because of a conference and his colleagues had gone to a Pirates game that night. My colleague was also at the Pirates game! So, basically, we were instant friends. #friends.

I don't know why I'm telling you this. There were many other more interesting experiences and interactions I had in Pittsburgh but it was nice hanging out with Matt because I remembered that yes, in fact I can hold up one end of a conversation with a stranger. Ok, so, I'm inspired by my sister who meets with some colleagues at the beginning of the week to discuss goals and then checks in with them at the end of the week to see how things went. By the end of this week, my goal is to re-sign up for online dating! I'm telling you, blog world, so that I maybe I'll actually do it now that I wrote that last sentence in a public space. If I can chat with Matt in Pittsburgh, I can chat with ladies here in Eastern PA, right?!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Relationships are everything

Update: I wrote this many days ago.

You may remember that this past weekend I showed some of the things I’ve been making. It was an incredibly overwhelming experience. My mom said that it was good I did this because, since I think about artists all day at work, I now have a better appreciation of their bravery.

Anyway, I had to close up a bit early on Sunday because I needed to catch an airplane. As I type this, I’m flying to Chicago and then, eventually, to Duluth. Duluth is in Minnesota, up north. It is beautiful. Here I am with my mom in Duluth.

Let me back up. The guy who drove me to the airport asked where I was going. “Northern Minnesota,” I said, not bothering to name the city because, well, what are the chances he would know anything about Northern Minnesota. He was like, “One time I was in Duluth because I set up RedBull cases in gas stations.” I said, “Shut the front door, I’m going to Duluth!”

Ok, fast forward to ABE. My flight was very delayed, so I missed my connecting flight to Duluth. I’m trying to figure out what to do. And I have an empty stomach because I planned to eat at O’Hare. I tell you this because my ability to function disappears when I’m hungry. So, basically, I was doing really well in ABE.

The thing is, there aren’t too many planes that fly into Duluth. #smallcity. #minnesota. So, I’m on the phone with someone from the airline and she’s like, “there’s one more ticket from Chicago to Duluth tomorrow morning so book it now!” So, I said, “Yes!” Then I texted my really good friend in Chicago, Jill, to see if I could stay with her. Then when she called me I started crying. When she asked me why I was crying, I said I was hungry. That was true. Also, it’s been an emotional week.

This is all to say that I’m grateful for relationships. I love that my dad took that photo of my mom and me 30 years ago and that my mom took a photo of that photo and sent it to me. While frantically trying to figure out what to do at ABE, I felt gratitude for Jill, who will pick me up from the airport, feed me, and drop me back at the airport tomorrow morning, for my boss, Anne, who helped me make decisions, and the people in line who were so patient as their flights got rebooked. I’m grateful for the flight attendant who gave us free snack boxes. Here’s mine. #sohealthy.

Guys, RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING. That 20-minute relationship with my Lyft driver? Surprising, incredible. My 31-year relationship with my parents, gosh, I’m so lucky. My friend Lauren who encouraged me to put stuff up on the wall and call myself an artist, she's the best! I guess we’re all just trying to get through the world and it’s easier (and more fun) with other people at our side.